While the kids are still young, good families should spend as much time together, doing things together. Young moms and dads may already start to feel the pangs in knowing that you are only going to have so much time with the children before they grow up almost overnight. And yes, time does fly when you’re having so much fun with the kids. Fun and games is all very well but good parents know that space must still be made for some of life’s important lessons.

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And yes, to make the lessons as interesting as possible for the kids, you can have fun with it. Now, this is one of those lessons where the kids will not be given a choc-chip cookie for good behavior. Because the family dentistry sandy springs brochure might have this down as one of those not to eat goodies. It might be loaded with refined sugar and the dentist will remind you all that white refined sugar is one of the biggest killers of young teeth and gums.

A young child can only do so much vigilant brushing, flossing and gargling in a day. And what is to be done once the sugar’s microfibers start eating away at the child’s gums. If it is at all possible to do so, it might be a good idea to teach a young child at the earliest opportunity what’s not good for him or her. But also what’s very good for him and her too. Another way of doing this, getting children interested in their peas and carrots, is to maybe have a little fun with the food.

It is almost time for the family dentist outing. Finally then, good lessons won’t help much if parents are not practicing what they preach.